I have heard the Wind whistling down the canyon

   with a lighthearted lilt all her very own.

        She sang to me from a far off distance

            of memories borne in an ancient past.

                 She sighed

                       from the journey,

                              all breathless and spent

                           from the hardship of the trek:

                     "Nothing worth having...comes easily."

                 she sighed.

        "We have paid the price for each

              majestic stand of trees,

           the song of the warbler,

          the deer whose cautious tread

     shrinks back in fear from the like of Man.

You see...we struggle," she lamented,

   "to hold on to each fragment of beauty before you,

        challenging the day to survive

           one more passage of time...



                   unscarred by the touch

                     of human hands.

              "While now, we remain in your mind's eye,

                   a piece of perfection,

                       we have paid the price for your pleasure.

                          "So,"   she scolded,

                               "capture the moment,

                                        for soon, it may be no more….."

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