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From Underwater Journal, Yukki Pospel gives you  the ability to learn with about the glorious underwater world, creatures of underwater, diving and UW activities, treasures hidden in marine abyss and a lot more.

Ann Zeise has an excellent site about all kinds of ocean creatures at: http://www.gomilpitas.com/homeschooling/explore/oceancreatures.htm#Ancient%20Seas , as well as a wealth of links to other ocean creature websites.

While helping to preserve California's coastline, Scripps Institution of Oceanography provides an abundance of information about the ocean and its inhabitants at:  http://www.sio.ucsd.edu/

Enchanted Learning has a great informational site about the ocean and its creatures at:  http://www.enchantedlearning.com/coloring/oceanlife.shtml

Want ocean desktop wallpapers for your computer?  You will find them at Snap Shot:  http://www.snap-shot.com/pages/fish/

Sea World/Busch Gardens is a great learning tool for ocean related information and also has numerous links to same.  http://www.seaworld.org/index.asp

Florida Smart's website not only has a good deal of information about the sea and its creatures, but some excellent links to other sites on the subject.  http://www.floridasmart.com/subjects/ocean/animals_ocean.htm

Be sure and don't miss PBS' "Secrets of the Ocean Realm" at:  http://www.pbs.org/oceanrealm.  All you ever wanted to know about the creatures in the sea.

Does the thought of diving in the chilly waters or trudging across the brutally cold and desolate terrain of Antarctica send shivers down your spine? Norbert Wu and his crew accomplished this and the resulting photography is breathtaking.  http://www.norbertwu.com/

Thomas M. Iliffe of Texas A&M University at Galveston documents  the diversity, significance and distribution of anchialine caves and cave animals at:  http://www.cavebiology.com/

Cautiouscoral.com - Here you'll learn about coral reefs, find information on anemones, corals, and of course fish! Mostly geared toward aquariums, each page gives detailed information about each creature including where it lives (naturally), what its requirements are in an aquarium, what it eats, and how difficult it is to care for in captivity.  http://www.cautiouscoral.com/

CGR's Underwater Photography site has been created to show more than 600 pictures from the aquatics elements and its surroundings, from the Alpine lakes to the paradise islands of the Pacific and Indian oceans.  It's a "Must See."  http://uwimages.free.fr/

Diver Magazine tells you how to photograph ocean creatures, offers an abundance of information, and has great resource links to other sites at:  http://www.divernet.com/photog/photog.htm

At the "Metridium Field" site you'll find underwater photographs and video clips plus articles and trip reports about diving all over the world with our ocean creatures. The focus will be on the cool, green waters of the greater Monterey area in Northern California.  http://www.metridium.com/  Excellent photography - see examples below.

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