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Because some bears, as a result of their interaction with human kind, can become very skillful at finding and eating human food, they may develop into "problem bears." This sometimes leads to punitive action by authorities including relocation and occasionally and unfortunately the bears ultimate demise. In other words: "A fed bear is a dead bear". See the following site for the latest information on "Bear Etiquette." http://www.3bears.net/yosemite/beare/

"All About Bears" contains not only photos and information about the eight different species of bears, but links to other bear related sites. Visit them at:   http://www.bears-bears.org/index.htm.  An exceptional site!

The American Bear Association website is the place to learn about bears by observing their natural behavior.   http://www.americanbear.org/

Another great informational site about bears is GORP (Great Outdoor Recreation & Active Travel). They tell you how and where to plan a trip to view bears and they have a wealth of information regarding bears.   http://www.gorp.com/gorp/activity/wildlife/bears_main.htm

If you choose to become a member ofthe World Wildlife Federation, you will be joining five million other committed and concerned individuals who want to save endangered species and the wild places that are vital to our planet's health and survival.   http://www.wwf.org/

The Free The Bears Fund Inc mission is "To protect, preserve and enrich the lives of bears throughout the world".   http://www.freethebears.org.au/

If it's teddy bears you're interested in, The Original and Best Teddy Bear Resource Site has been on the Internet since 1995 and has all the links you'll need to find your teddy bear friends.   http://tbonnet.com/

The North American Bear Society was founded to support the conservation and management of bear populations throughout North America.  http://www.nonprofitnet.com/nabs/

Support The Spirit Bear Youth Organization. The Spirit Bear is one of the most unique and endangered creatures in our world and is the product of a delicate ecological balance that requires an intact ecosystem to sustain a stable gene pool to create the conditions that produce the rare white bear. With only one last intact habitat remaining, the spirit bear requires the full protection of this 250, 000 hectare wilderness or the world runs the risk of losing this bear forever. Today, more than two-thirds of this ecosystem has been set aside for protection, yet the final third - an area known as the Green-Sheep Passage/Tolmie Option Area or Green watershed - remains threatened. Saving the spirit bear means saving the Green - anything less will be an ecological deficit for the last place the spirit bear can call home. Learn more about how you can help by visiting their website.

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