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Links to all kinds of horse related sites may be found at Net Vet here: http://netvet.wustl.edu/horses.htm

Horse Country.com offers numerous links on riding safety, health, diet, horse associations and a wealth of horse related products.  Visit them at: http://www.horse-country.com/

"The Dog May Be Man's Best Friend, but It Was the Horse that Built Civilization!" or so say the creators of "The Horse in Human History."  Interesting site at: http://users.erols.com/mmaidens/

Featuring an abundance of horse information, you will want to visit the International Museum of the Horse at: http://www.imh.org/imh/exh1.html

Cowboy.com pays tribute to the Western horse and what it has meant to the development of civilization at: http://www.cowboy.com/

Needing anything related to horses, you are certain to find it at HayNet.net:  http://www.haynet.net/

"Horses - An Informational Site" was developed for writers who know little or nothing about horses.  This site contains valuable information about the different breeds of horses.  http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/1590/

The Kentucky Derby Museum  - need I say more?  http://www.derbymuseum.org/

Horses are described in numerous ways; breeds, types, 'bloods' and purposes.  "Virtually Horses" covers just about all at:  http://worldzone.net/recreation/virtuallyhorses/index.html

Shopping for your first horse?  Jacqueline Dwelle tells you exactly how to shop for and care for your horse at: http://www.firsthorse.com/

Horse Click.com features beautiful artwork, the care and feeding of the horse, books, videos, puzzles, games and calendars.   http://www.horseclick.com/

Web site of the original "Horse Whisperer" Buck Brannaman, find out a lot of useful information about the methods he uses to train horses at:  http://www.brannaman.com/index.htm

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