And the Voice said…..


“You honor Me on this sacred night

when you bathe the world in a forgiving light in remembrance of One whose holy birth has instilled the prayers for Peace on Earth.


So, be pure in heart in all you do, and know that I am ever mindful, too, of what rewards your journey brings when a merciful hand relieves suffering.


For I am with you in the air you breathe, in a Spring’s first rain, in the Autumn leaves, in a sunrise, a sunset, or the evening’s demise, in the loss of a loved one, or a newborn’s sigh.


Know too, that my love endures without end, as the binding warmth of a constant friend

for I am the Keeper of inextinguishable stars and indisputable Master of all that you are.


So, spread your love and Christmas pleasures, so that all might share in this season’s treasures, and know that my guidance and love will be with you tonight as my Emissary.”



 -The End -


- Closing Page