The First Drive-In Theater was invented by Richard M. Hollingshead. Hollingshead worked out the details by hanging a sheet for a screen in his backyard. Richard began to experiment in the driveway of his home at 212 Thomas Avenue, New Jersey. Richard mounted a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car, he used it to project onto a screen he had nailed to trees in his backyard. He placed a radio behind the screen for sound, then started his test of his idea. Richard tested sound with the windows up, down and half way. He tested many weather conditions, using his lawn sprinkler he simulated a rainstorm. Richard liked what he saw and heard.

One main problem did arise in his test. That was if cars were parked behind each other, the cars at the rear would not be able to see the whole picture, due to the car in front. This did not stop Richard, he lined up cars in his driveway spacing them at various distances and placing blocks under their front wheels he was able to find the correct spacing and the correct angles to build ramps for the cars front tires to park on. Thus was born the first Patent for the Drive-In Theater.

Next we find Richard at the US Patent Office on August 6, 1932. He is explaining about his invention. On May 16, 1933 he get a patent # of 1,909,537 the first Drive-In Theater patent ever. Later in May of 1950 the patent was declared invalid by the Delaware District Court.

List of Drive In Theaters in existence today -

And last but certainly not least,

Joe Bob Briggs,

The DriveIn Movie Critic.

From the simmering plains of deepest, darkest Texas came an unstoppable force of awesome power, Joe Bob Briggs! Taking the innocuous form of a wisecracking teenage boy, this visitor from another dimension set out to warp the minds of millions with his B Movie Reviews! The nation's editors were defenseless against the invader's merciless attack of witty newspaper columns–its dark influence spreading to books, cable television, and one-man stage shows!  

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