I play the friend at times;

at times, I play the Mother,

He plays the dashing Champion;

at times, he plays the brother.

At times, we share the silent strain;

at times, we share the laughter.

At times, we share the questions sought

of what it is we're after.

We share the scuffling, childlike play

of teasing, poking, prodding.

We reach, explore and soar the heights

of ideas we've embodied.

We pass by doors, and open some,

we maybe never should.

We peer down roads

we haven't walked

and maybe never could.

He finds in me what he might need,

and I, of course, in him -

compassion, at selected times,

or frolic's playful whim.

We've come to be the "child" again,

all carefree and unknowing -

letting heal the past old scars,

while we share in the growing.

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