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"The Touch"


"Reaching Out"

"En Ami"

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I cried for you tonight.

I reached out, but you weren't there.

There was only an empty space

where you once were.

There were no arms to enfold me,

no softened voice

to tell me that everything would be all right.

Oh, God, how I missed you;

how I needed your touch.

Having more and more of you,

yet never getting enough of you,

all that I had were the memories,

but they wouldn't suffice.

I needed the blanket of warmth

in which you've enveloped me.


they came once more,

those soft, hurting sobs.

Falling again, and again,

no one was there to catch me…

you were away.

Nothing could dismiss the ache

I felt for want of you.

So silently then,

I whispered your name,


if maybe,

you cried for me...