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"Soft Cries"

"Past Old Strangers"


"The Touch"


"Reaching Out"

"En Ami"

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You touched me.

You gave me hope, when all had died;

you changed my life,

you came inside.

You reached for me with needing hand;

you made me smile and understand.

You sheltered and shared and gave of yourself;

you brought out the dreams locked away on the shelf.

You made me eager to begin each new day;

you chided and chased all the nightmares away.

You loved and you cherished, even faults that I had;

you missed me, then told me, and made my heart glad.

You've taken my will and made it your own;

you've lightened my heart through the love that you've shown.

You've made me aware of the things yet to do;

by touching my soul; by just being you..