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       At one time or another, we all become interested in our family heritage.  Perhaps, this explains why the subject of genealogy has become so popular today. 

       As such, we have created this new gallery "Kith 'n Kin" to help you gather graphics for your own family web site.  You might want to check out the genealogy links below, as well.

       If you decide to use any of these graphics, we will appreciate you giving us a link back to  Logo samples may be found HERE.

       Please save these to your own computer, as these images will periodically be moved and renamed to avoid direct linking. - Genealogy directory and resources: Includes a comprehensive list of genealogy sites, a surname meta-search tool, and a genealogy message board.

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Learning about genealogy and family history for adults and children alike. There are many educational resources online that will help you in your quest to fill out your family tree. Computer learning centers often have useful programs, and many teachers are even including genealogy into their lesson plans!