"Stepping Stones"

We -

    are our own worst enemies,

       or so I'm told, and I believe.

           Because inside,

              we have the power to view firsthand

                  the weakness we possess.

                      So, when Fate has dealt us a losing hand,

                          we tend to forget the previous pots we've often won,

                              and remember only those we've lost.

                                   Our Happiness is habit -

                              if we choose to make the best of what's bestowed;

                         our Sorrow is our selfishness

                  for failing to recall the previous personal joys.

          And so, I forgive myself -

              for all my old mistakes and judgments

                  that were often not, so wise,

                         and for all my accomplishments not quite fulfilled

                               that submissively wait for my sanity to return.

                                       And, in exchange,

                                             I remind myself

                                                   that I have been compassionate

                                                         when I was needed,

                                                               and that I have been kind more

                                                                   often than I have been cruel.

                                                              So now,

                                                       I find my inner peace again -

                                                 having realized rather late in life

                                          that it is permissible

                                    just to be Human,

                             after all.....

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