"Humble Beginnings"

Flight No. 321

Departing 9:50 PM

I need

    to go home, again.

        In the Spring,

           when Nature's finest

               lies unconditionally at my command.

                   I need to go home, again.

                        In April, or May, or early June

                             when the earth pulsates

                                  for these felicitous hands

                                      that long to befriend her.

                                               I need to go home, again.

                                          To stroll leisurely down

                                    some shaded avenue

                             nodding quiet "Hello's" to amiable passersby.

                     To inhale the fragrance of honeysuckle gone wild,

               to taste the sumptuousness of home-grown peaches,

           to listen to a chorus of jubilant bullfrogs

      following an afternoon rain.

The world can offer little more to me

        than the view of a night time sky

              luminous with unlimited winking stars,

                    or the serenity derived from wading

                           in a backwoods stream.

                                   I find my fortune

                                        in the solitude

                                             of Nature's communion with Man,

                                        in the wealth of her generosity,

                                   and in the art of being

                             able to give back

                      at least a part of the bounty

                 I have been

          so blessed to receive.

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