"Taste the sweetness

      of life around you,"  He coaxed,

            "inhale the fragrance

                   of each molecule of beauty

                             that finds its way

                                         into your wary grasp."

"The Abyss"

"Do not fear," He said,

         "find comfort in my words,

              in your surroundings,

                     in the natural order of things.

                          "For I am with you,

                                  Yes,I am with you," He sighed,

                           "even when you swim

                    in Life's deep Abyss…"


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  "Come down with me,"  He said,

         "into the deep,

                below your meaningless existence."

                       "Immerse yourself,

                              flow with me and glide

                                    through the rhythm of the waters;

                                         to find yourself titilated

                                by the playful caress

                      of the currents as they

             brush past us on their way to nowhere."