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As fairies come and fairies go,

there's always one that's sure to know,

whether you live in Dallas, or in Duluth,

precisely when you lose your first tooth!

So, when nightfall comes, she noiselessly creeps

into your room while you're fast asleep,

all dressed in a gown so shiny and bright

and scattered with stars from her heavenly flight. 

Then, she checks you in slumber, and before you can blink,

she draws out her wand, as quick as a wink.

And with no hesitation, she waves it around

sprinkling stardust and coins to be found.

But before she merrily goes on her way,

her melodious voice may be heard to say:

"I must go to my castle back there on the moon,

but I'll see you again, and I hope that it's soon.

And right before she so hurriedly goes,

she places a kiss on the tip of your nose.

So, when morning comes and the coins are all found,

yet you cannot recall having heard any sound

from the fairy's visit who appeared in your dreams,

it's because fairy noises turn into moonbeams!

by bj pearce