A word about firewalls...

from one of our viewers - Nancy Clements Gulotta

When you were little your Mother said don't open the door to strangers!  In the present day, she'd say get a "personal firewall" and an anti-virus software, and keep them both up-to-date!

Okay, okay, Firewalls are not funny, and they're not boring and I'm not selling them!  A firewall is an anti-hacker software that is easy to install and use. Firewalls not only alert you to hacker attempts but prevent them, as well.  Firewalls and anti-virus softwares are necessities and will keep you safe from intrusions and vandalism by hackers.

My personal firewall has reported over 100 hacker attempts since I got my software about a year ago. Of course, I'm on line quite a bit, so I run into a lot of them. I run the latest security software every day, so I know I'm okay, but I worry about all of you and I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to your computer. So, I'm stating once again:  get a firewall and an anti-virus software and you won't have to wonder if your computer is protected.  Then, you'll be safe to enjoy the World Wide Web.

In the event you are utilizing a connection that stays on all the time such as a DSL line; have access to an online checking or savings account; administer portfolios on-line; download MP3's; FTP your own web pages to a remote server; or leave your computer on and unattended all night long, you should be running a firewall software.

The hackers, a lot of them silly kids, but most of them dangerous criminals, are trying to exploit this time period of relative innocence when we don't even have enough laws in place to stop them, much less the expertise and time to trace them and capture them.

Be smart and don't let them have access to your computer.

Email Nancy with your questions at:  ngulotta@corinth.ms

A note from J's Magic...

     Shortly after receiving this email from Nancy, I downloaded Zone Alarm, which is a free firewall software for personal use.  Since that time, I have been advised by that software of several attempts to hack into my computer, and am glad to say that I was protected. This software has run well on my computer for almost a month now and has caused me no conflicts with other softwares.  You may download a free copy of the software by clicking on the below link which will take you to the Zone Alarm website.

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