I have received so many beautiful letters again this year about our Christmas website.  But about a week ago I received an email from a gentlemen that I found very disturbing.  The gist of his letter stated that Christmas should have nothing to do with Santa Claus and that I should concentrate my efforts more on creating a site that centered solely around the birth of Jesus Christ.  He implied that Santa Claus originated from something satanic and advised me, in so many words, that I was setting a bad example by encouraging people to believe in Santa Claus.

      In response, I say only this.  To me, and to millions of people around the world, Santa Claus is an extension of the joy of God, an Emissary, so to speak.  A myth, who dutifully reminds us at least once each year to cherish our families and friends and to demonstrate our love for each other as best we can. 

      All my life, I have been told, and firmly believe, that God Is Love.  As such, how could anything that reminds us how much we mean to each other and fills our hearts with such joy be wrong? 

      Each of us makes our own judgment about what kind of a deity God is.  Is He forgiving?  Is He just?  Is He loving?  In my heart, I know the answer to all these questions is "Yes." 

      In his teachings, God has made it abundantly clear on more than one occasion how much he loved the innocence of little children.  And if, in their innocence, they find "joy" in continuing to believe in Santa Claus, so shall I.

      In recognition of the vital role that dear old Santa Claus plays in our lives, I offer you two poems about Santa's prayers...

Merry Christmas!


Santa's Secret Prayer

Santa's Prayer On Christmas Eve

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